For Birthday Parties, Cub Scout Lego Derbies, School, Summer School and AfterSchool Programs, Family Parties, Corporate Parties, Community Events, and more!


Host a fun-filled, never-to-be-forgotten party! Kids build, race, and crash Lego cars with imagination, creativity, and lots of fun!

Ready Race Party brings the racetrack, building mats, and Legos including steering wheels, minifigures, helmets, wheels, flags, and other fun pieces. Kids provide the imagination!


Schedule your party by calling (801) 750-3665 or email us at


Here's what people are saying:

"I LOVED it. The party actually exceeded our expectations. It kept fifteen 7 to 9-year-old boys involved for a full hour, which I believe is an incredible feat in and of itself. Everything was set up early and ready to go, which I also appreciated. I would highly recommend your services to anyone with a group of boys to entertain." Trish, Erda

"My son LOVED his party and his friends are still talking about it!" Karena, West Jordan

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