Cub Scout Lego Derby

$175 for up to 20 scouts and their families*


Let your Cub Scouts build their OWN cars this year with a Ready Race Lego Derby! Ready Race Party brings the racetrack, Legos, racing flag decorations and mats to build on. Scouts build their cars the night of the derby, and race them as they finish. Parents and leaders love the simplicity of this derby! Boys love the derby because they love Legos, building, racing, and crashing!

"I can't thank you enough for providing our Cub Scout Pack with such a fun, friendly, family activity. It was a serious blast. I felt like a kid again. The fun didn't just end at the track for me, I dreamed about building Legos ALL night. I am still smiling. Thank you for sharing your time and creativity with us." Prisca, Holladay

"Thank you soooo much for an amazing experience. All of the boys and parents just loved it. I was repeatedly told that they loved the non-competetive, fun atmosphere. There were no losers and no tears at the end of the night." Stephanie, West Jordan

"Thanks again for a wonderful night. It was well worth the $. The Lego Derby definitely met my expectations and I had nothing but positive comments from my Cub Scouts and their parents. I won't be surprised if they want to do this again soon." Wendy, Herriman

Ready Race Party does not want to replace the Pinewood Derby, and therefore recommends holding a Lego Derby about every 3 years. A Lego Derby provides a different kind of racing experience that allows scouts to try multiple designs with their cars and experiment to make them better.

*After 20 scouts, it is $20 for every 10 extra scouts. At pack meeting, families and siblings play free. (They aren't included in the paying count). Participants do not keep their cars -all Legos remain with Ready Race Party.