It's a Lego Car Building, Crashing, Racing Party!


Build - Experiment - Try Again - Create - Race - Imagine

Bring Ready Race Party to your next Afterschool activity, carnival, class party, or end of the year/semester event! Ready Race Party brings the Legos, racetrack, mats to build on, and provides a party assistant (or two) to run the Lego portion of your activity. As students play, they begin to discover principles of balance, weight and more as they design and test their cars on the racetrack. It's more than just a playing or racing experience!

School events cover a wide variety of options, so give us a call for a quote! However, the school group price is $175 for up to 30 kids. After that it is $20 for every 10 kids. If you are looking to do an event with your whole school, the price can be changed to cover an amount of time instead of per person.

Here's what people are saying:

"Thanks for the great event! The kids, without exception, LOVED it! The teachers were very happy with the activity too!" Ann, Valley Crest Elementary

"I think the kids would have stayed there all afternoon. Even the fifth grade girls got into it (they were my concern)." Bonnie, Park City

Reserve a time for your party by calling (801) 750-3665 or email us at!

Available in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas.